Bunny Hill Online! Update V1.2


Thank you all for your patience and for playing the game! Bunny Hill online is finally available to play. It is a free update for everyone, I hope you enjoy it. Below are the patch notes

Patch Notes

new features

  • Online support for up to 8 player hosted lobbies
  • Online name tag and color that you can change in the main settings menu

small changes

  • nerfed Helen extremely slightly
  • removed jungle cloud hitboxes
  • fixed a bug where the finish line would occasionally not register if you were going very fast
  • general bug fixes

have fun playing the game!

I have a new game in the works as well called Cavern on steam, if you like what I do please go give it a Wishlist!


BunnyHill_Windows.zip 80 MB
Dec 05, 2023
BunnyHill_Mac.zip 98 MB
Dec 05, 2023
BunnyHill_Linux.zip 82 MB
Dec 05, 2023
BunnyHill_Windows32Bit.zip 75 MB
Dec 05, 2023

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