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Carve the slopes of the Bunny Hill at a bone shattering break neck pace to overcome your cute animal competition in this fast paced skiing game! Choose from a cast of 8 unique characters to secure your shot at the crown. Dodge bushes, jump hoops, and tag flags to reach speeds unimaginable.


  • 12 playable characters to get to know, with unlockable progression
  • 4 unique themed courses, each with random generation, and length control
  • Simple mechanics to pick up with depth and replayability, such as: speed multipliers that scale your speed infinitely, and unique obstacle interactions that can make or break your line!
  • Time Trial Mode with set maps to speedrun
  • up to 8 player Online Lobbies
  • Up to 4 Player local Co-Op with full controller support
  • An awesome soundtrack by Gupi that gets right into the action!
  • 15 achievements for the insane!
  • Domination of the competition in the form of high octane execution of your skiing prowess

 Is Here, Check out the Update Trailer!

  • Up to 8 player Online Lobbies
  • Unique Customizable Nametags for playing online!

We hope you Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authordogma quest
Tags3D, Fast-Paced, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Low-poly, Multiplayer, online-multiplayer, Pixel Art, skiing, Speedrun
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Really nice arcady game, i reallllllyy love the astetic. Ive only played it in singleplayer so far but some feedback: 

The speedboost is kinda to exponential, because if you get enough speed by chance you can just joink over the whole map, which can be really fun but also can really take away the gameplay, if its as easy as it is right now. This is probably because its so easy to jump verry high if you have the speed, maby it would fit more into the game if you would have to take the ski jump so that you cant just ignore the map.

But if you can joink over the map, i would love it if you could bounce on the balloons, as to "inrease the different possible routes you can choose"(like to take the wall route, the high path, the goals..)

Additionally some game modes would be nice, 

like a coup with row of matches like in mario cart

or a point mode where each flag, your finished time and .. how is it called, "gate" give you points.

to bring more diversity into the game some handmade maps, where there are some spaces where there are no collision objects, but only a small worming route, so you dont just always go on one line.(if that would be hard to code because you always push the player in one direction, you could use a path and push the player in the direction of the logarithm).

Thank you for the game and reading all my bullshit,

Felix :)


yo thanks for the comment and notes! I would like to do a points mode or something like that, and i like your ideas about aerial obstacles that are helpful those would be super cool.  


Cute animals.


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Hey would you also be interested in releasing this game on Zoom Platform?


It's a DRM Free store like GOG and itch.io that has old and new PC games. They have a discord as well as email address you can contact them.

This would fit perfect on there especially since it has local multiplayer.

I'll check it out

Awesome to hear


OMG this game looks like so much fun. By any chance, on Windows, is this an x86 executable, or is it a 64bit game?

I only ask since I have an ARM device, and would love to support your work, but 64bit games run terrible on my computer (even games that are not graphically busy) 

Other than that, props to for your hard work :)


At the time of your comment, there was no x86 version, but I have now uploaded one! its is labeled BunnyHill_Windows32bit and was built using the x86 architecture, as opposed to the other x86_64. I'm not too knowledgeable about this, so let me know which one works best!

Thank you for the kind words and if there are any problems let me know!


OMG thank you so much! Appreciate it a lot, and this game runs beautifully :D

You are the best, and look forward to more games, or even an extended version of Bunny Hill <3 <3


No problemo! thank you for the support!